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Many entertainers are underrepresented in today’s entertainment industry. Are you one of them? As an exclusive Talent Agency that focuses on each individual creator in detail, we strive to bring as much value to each working relationship as possible.

Digital Management

Talent Shoppe is an industry leader in digital development. We strive to bring a unique day-to-day facilitation of social media management that is personal and catered to the success of each individual client and their goals. Some areas that we are directly involved in are

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Tagging and ranking YouTube content (as soon as videos are posted).
  • Helping clients generate the highest SEO scores possible.
  • Identifying YouTube trends and advising how to approach them.
  • Assisting and directing client content (as needed) to help creators find what interests their fans and create strong, relevant content related to their fan base and channel genre.


Assisting content creators find like-minded intertainers to collaborate with, including creating any additional pitches for clients directly for networks or independent managers to secure collaborations.

Building relationships with our current roster and creating collaborative trips to build and grow fan bases.

Annotations, Spotlights, Cards & End-Screens, and more!

Digital includes content curation in helping to properly connect information each individual creator wants to convey to viewers through mass editing in video features like annotations, about sections, cards, and end-screens to fit all creator needs and vision.

Cover Music Monetization

Talent Shoppe hosts managers who are exceptionally knowledgeable in the areas of copyright to properly license client content they are covering and generate profit shares through (but not limited to) YouTube AdSense, streams, and digital + physical sales along with any additional areas of potential income opportunity.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more!

Talent Shoppe works with each individual client to help grow all areas of business. If clients are seeking to grow additional media accounts, we are here to help and work with you to monetize any platform with our partners.


Live Stream Development

We’ve had the honor of working with many developing platforms over the years and understand the crucial role Live Streaming now plays in online entertainment. Our direct relationship with streaming services like YouNow and Flurry App gives us the ability to help creators connect with their fan base to better monetize and grow their individual communities online.

Network Relationships

Talent Shoppe has years of experience working with most all major YouTube networks in helping creators find the proper network fit. Our managers are experienced in negotiating network contracts and network monetary splits, to helping guide network resources to benefit each and every client and their needs.

Traditional Management

Brand Development

We work directly with clients to create and generate a professional brand image that you enjoy and fans can relate to, including:

  • Trademark filing for brand names and all classified goods being sold
  • Website development
  • Graphics and any related graphic needs

Convention Representation

Talent Shoppe has relationships with many of the words largest Digital, Gaming, Anime, Beauty and Comic related conventions worldwide. Our goal is to represent clients interested in these convention opportunities with any event they identify or we receive.


Talent Shoppe is a proud leader in digital to traditional touring. Our artists and content creators have been seen selling out shows to thousands of fans across North America and soon to be Europe, Australia and Asia.

Our staff at Talent Shoppe works in facilitating all pre-and on tour needs including (but not limited too):

  • International visa needs for personalities in: P-1, P-2 & P-3 Classifications Central Withholding Agreement (CWA) filings with the IRS.
  • Booking & Overall tour production (catered to client preference)
  • Transportation & Staffing
  • Tour Accounting, Salaries, and Money management
  • VIP set-up and pre-show facilitation
For music related artists seeking a full time agent, we have relationships at major agencies such as CAA, WME, ICM Partners and United Talent (to name a few) that we can connect with to make a case for representation on a global level.

Companies we work with

LEG Live owns-&-operates the largest network of entertainment venues in the U.S. under multiple consumer brands including the Improv and Levity Live. This live network enables Talent Shoppe LLC clients to activate and market to millions of entertainment consumers nationwide with fewer service fees and greater backend client earnings.

Stagelink is a crowd source live events Production Company based in Germany that works directly with Talent Shoppe for clients seeking to tour world markets outside of the U.S. Their innovative platform reduces monetary risks associated with touring through a pre-built financial strategy engaging fans as promoters both reducing overall risk and increasing profit potential.


Warped Tour Youtubers Program

Talent Shoppe has long-standing relationships with many notable tours and festivals nation-wide. Some of our accomplishments include founding the Warped Tour Youtubers program and having personalities host Warped Tour’s annual pre-tour party, to main stage appearances at So What!? Festival and SXSW (to name a few).

Television, Movies, Modeling, and Commercial representation

Talent Shoppe has many opportunities for clients seeking more traditional outlets. We are proudly associated with a number of agencies and companies that cater to all areas of traditional entertainment. We foster a creative mindset with all clients, and will help to take their ideas and mold them into a focused pitch we can then send off to major television networks, studios, and companies to generate interest.

Brand Deals and Sponsorships

We work with dozens of partners to find thee best ways to generate top dollar brand deals and premium sponsorships for our clients. With every situation, we help to seamlessly and creatively incorporate any deal into each brand or sponsors preferred client medium.

Companies we have proudly collaborated with this past year:

Business Management:

Learning the business of digital and traditional entertainment

Part of our mission at Talent Shoppe is to ensure that every talent we work with understands their business online. We work with all talents in not only facilitating traditional business etiquette, but also creating a culture within our agency of digital media thinkers.

Areas we work with include business LLC formation, quarterly and annual tax plan preparation and filing, general ledger facilitation of client unique assets, liabilities, equity, along with revenue and expenses to name a few.

Merchandising and Licensing

Talent Shoppe proudly hosts one of thee best platforms for merchandise licensing and development. Our team will help you design custom logos and merchandise graphics to apply to an array of items ranging from general T-Shirts, to Skateboards, snapback hats, hoodies, beanies and anything else you might be interested in. We strive to bring to life each individual influencers vision for their brand.

Merchandising: Beyond the basics

Outside of general merchandising, Talent Shoppe represents the individual creativity of it’s influencers by opening up opportunities of special interest where applicable. Areas of special interest include, (but are not limited to), the creation of specialized product and licensing opportunities in areas such as Beauty, Make Up, Fashion, Book Publishing and brand licensing in collaboration with major distributors and chains.

Investing & Wealth management:

Talent Shoppe is excited to announce our new working relationship with one of the nations leaders in alternative investments and wealth management, Boston Partners. With over $80 billion dollars in assets under management and featured offices across the country, they’re an ideal partner for Talent Shoppe clients who are interested in traditional investments, future savings, and wealth management.

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